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  • Joining the dots

    11 November, 2020

    The Nine Dots Prize welcomes responses that draw on a range of perspectives and disciplines. Steven Connor, Nine Dots Prize Board member and Director of the Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), talks about the benefits of taking an interdisciplinary approach to tackling the big issues of our times.   Since […]

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  • A note on our anonymous judging process, by Board member Roger Martin

    18 October, 2020

    A key measure of sophistication in a field is one’s ability to make fine distinctions in qualitative properties important to that field. For example, we know a Sommelier is good if she can make a distinction between, say, the taste profiles of a 1985 versus 1986 Bordeaux – two very good years but each with […]

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  • David Runciman on the Nine Dots Prize question

    31 October, 2016

    Politics at the moment is as noisy as it’s ever been in my lifetime. That is why we at the Nine Dots prize are offering $100,000 for the best answer to the question: are digital technologies making politics impossible? The aim of the prize is to cut through the noise of social and political commentary […]

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